Week 8: Youth unemployment in Africa, consequences and solutions

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According to the United Nations population division, Sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s youngest population with more than 60% under the age of 25 with high number of the youth unemployed or underemployed. Moreover, the International Labour Organisation suggests that the youth population in Africa will continue to grow, with an estimated increase of 45% of the region’s working age by 2030, presenting an opportunity and threat to job security. This condition of high youth unemployed or underemployed is likely to become increasingly challenging because of current COVID-19 crisis’ that has caused numerous loss of jobs. In this episode, we discuss the reasons for the high unemployment or underemployment rate in Sub-Sahran Africa, its consequences and how to create, sustain and improve employment opportunities.

Host: Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi (Doctoral Researcher at the University of Kassel, Germany)

Panel: Mr. Peter Bismark Kwofie (Executive Director, Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, Ghana); Mr. Lord Adusei Aikins (Doctoral Researcher at University of London School of Oriental and African Studies) and Mr. Edmund Yeboah (Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Global Health, University of Heidelberg, Germany)


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