Week 9: Breaking the political party duopoly in Ghana

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Despite the active participation of a number of political parties and independent candidates in both the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana since 1992, two main political parties, the NDC and the NPP have dominated the fourth republic. Over the last two decades, there is an increasing decline of a third force in Ghana’s political system given the recent election outputs. Given that a competitive multiparty system is key for an effective democratic governance, we discuss in this epispde, the origin, consequences and how to break the political duopoly in Ghana.

Host: Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi (Doctoral researcher at the University of Kassel, Germany)

Panellists:  Marricke Kofi Gane (Independent presidential candidate for Ghana’s Election 2020), Dr. Ishmael Wireko (Ministry of Energy and Resources at Regina, Canada) and  Prof. Enoch Antwi (Associate Professor of Leadership and Management at Viterbo University, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA).


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