Week 10: Corruption in Africa: the missing paradigms

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One of the major challenges to achieving a better society in Africa is corruption. Corruption can be referred to as practices such as bribery, facilitation payment, nepotism and favoritism. In Africa, corruption can have different causes and consequences. The key aim of this episode is to facilitate the interactions and reflections upon three issues: (1) major systemic and structural causes of corruption in Africa; (2) consequences of corruption; (3) major techniques that can be put forward to fight against corruption in Africa.

Host: Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi (Doctoral Researcher at the University of Kassel, Germany)

Panel: Mr. Albert Kobina Mensah (CEO, CEBSAR-AFRICA), Mr. Lord Adusei Aikins (Doctoral Researcher at University of London School of Oriental and African Studies) and Mrs. Akosuah Gyimah (Social and Human Rights Advocate, Canada)


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