Week 11: Transforming the agricultural sector in Africa

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According to the World Bank, 59% of Africa’s 1.216 billion people live in rural areas and more than 80% earn their living in Agriculture. Therefore, to develop and transform the rural area, agriculture remains the starting point and the driving force. However, the agricultural sector in Africa is confronted with numerous challenges such as inadequate access to inputs (incl. irrigation, seeds fertilizers, land, etc.). This episode discusses measures to promote productivity growth in African agriculture that is the key to the transformation of the African rural economy.

Host: Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi (Doctoral Researcher at the University of Kassel, Germany)

Panel: Mr. Edmund Yeboah (Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Global Health, University of Heidelberg, Germany); Mr. Haruna Gado Yakubu (PhD student in Animal Science, Doctoral School of Animal Science, Szent (St.) Istvan University, Kaposvar Campus, Hungary) and Mr. Kwabena Krah (PhD. Candidate in Agricultural and Applied Economics at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign).


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