Week 13: Is mineral mining in Africa a blessing or curse?

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The African region is home to plenty of natural resources such as metals (incl. gold, bauxite, copper, zinc, etc.), mineral fuels (inc. coal and uranium), industrial minerals (incl. diamond and phosphate rock) and oil. In most African countries, the extractive or mining industry is a major contributor to the nations GDP and a key driver to economic development. Despite the continent’s rich endowment in natural resources and several decades of exploitation, the benefits remain invisible in the region. In this episode of CEBSAR TALK, we give insight into why mining benefits have been elusive in Africa and how to promote the future of mining that benefits the greater society.

Host: Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi (Doctoral researcher at the University of Kassel, Germany)

Panel: Dr. Ishmael Wireko (Ministry of Energy and Resources at Regina, Canada); Mr. Albert Kobina Mensah (CEO, CEBSAR-AFRICA) and Mr Emmanuel Houston Kwashie (Programme Officer, Solidaridad West Africa – Ghana Office (NGO)).


1 thought on “Week 13: Is mineral mining in Africa a blessing or curse?”

  1. All events have two sides. Mining does too. It provides job and ongoing economic growth but at the same time it can cause trouble to environment and communities sometimes.
    Chris Jansen Van Vuuren, Two Rivers Mining

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