CEBSAR_TALK Hosts Dr. Bansah On Mineral Resource Governance in Week 22

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Ghana is noted for exploration of many natural resources including gold, bauxite, diamond, manganese, petroleum, among others. This has led to establishment of large, medium sized and small-scale mining companies scattered in several parts of the country. But the mining sector is reviled in many occasions for environmental destruction and proliferation of poverty in especially mining communities. How do we promote responsible mining that benefits the nation and the very people? In this episode of Cebsar talk, we unpack proposals for the Ghanaian governments ways we could achieve a responsible mineral resource governance. One that puts smiles on the faces of our people.

The event will host Dr. Kenneth Bansah as a panel on one on one with Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi, the regular host of the talk. The talk will consist of three parts. The first discussion will touch on mining socio-economic contributions, mining royalties and distribution; second session will bother on artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), its sustainability and establishment of mini-processing plants in strategic mining locations to support and improve metallurgical recovery of mine ore in the ASM business; and the last session will conclude on plausible pragmatic proposals for the upcoming Ghanaian government regarding mineral resources governance.

Dr. Bansah is the Director of Safety & Environmental Research Consultancy Limited, and a Technical Writing Instructor at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri, USA (Missouri S&T) USA. He holds a PhD in Mining Engineering from the same university. Kenneth has published widely and reviewed many scholarly papers in areas such as mining, sustainable environmental protection, and resource governance and policy.

Make a date with us Facebook Live on Saturday 14th November 2020 at 4pm GMT.


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