Gado and Sarfo interrogate the manifestos on agriculture and agribusiness on CEBSAR-TALK Week 23

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Like most African countries, Ghana operates an export-oriented agriculture and domestic food production. In both systems, Ghana needs to sustain and scale production though much more is desired in the domestic production sector to meet the rising local demand. In this episode of CEBSAR TALK, the guests will take the audience through how the promises found in the political parties’ manifestos are able to boost agricultural productivity in Ghana. They will further identify the gaps in the manifestos aimed at promoting sustainable agricultural production. They will also help us understand what actions should be put in place by the next Ghana government in 2021 and beyond that will result in a thriving agricultural and agribusiness sector. It is important to note that the discussion will not pitch one manifesto against the other in terms of superiority but will rather look at how the promises address the desired level of agricultural and agribusiness transformation needed as a country. The talk will consist of two sessions. Session one will focus on structure and gaps in the manifestos with regards to agriculture and agribusiness; areas of agriculture and agribusiness they consider; and major policies they fail to consider. Session two will provide suggestions to addressing the identified gaps in the promises relating to agriculture and agribusiness in Ghana.

Mr. Haruna Gado and Mr. Yaw Sarfo will be our panel and they will be hosted by the regular host, Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi. Mr. Gado is research fellow at CEBSAR-AFRICA and an Animal Nutritionist and Feed Safety Engineer. He is also a PhD student in Animal Science at the Doctoral School of Animal Science, Kaposvar University, Hungary. Mr. Sarfo is also a PhD student in agricultural finance at the Georg-August-University, Germany.

The talk will be live on Facebook and YouTube channel at all Cebsarafrica platforms and pages at 4pm GMT.


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