Ghana’s housing policy debate with Dr. Abedi Asante

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Ghana, like most Global South countries has millions of housing deficits due to growing urban population and high cost of housing. In Ghana, previous and current government have implemented many formal housing schemes such as affordable housing, mortgage assistance scheme and rent-to-pay agreements. These formal arrangements are limited to the few middle-to-high income classes. This implies that majority of the low incomers results to private rental housing schemes (informal rental schemes).  Meanwhile, informal rental schemes are exploitative and worsens the financial burden of most rental seekers.

In this episode of CEBSAR TALK, we discuss and inform housing development policy in Ghana. Areas of focus include effects of formal and informal rental housing schemes, and the ways to address housing deficits in Ghana. The session will touch on why Ghana’s housing deficit is increasing at a fast pace; what is wrong with the current informal rental housing scheme in Ghana; and the considerations for buying or building a house. The session will further bother on critiquing the National Housing and Mortgage Finance Scheme by the government of Ghana; and many initiatives (including the national rental assistance scheme, NRAS, low income housing and middle-income housing) outlined in the current government of Ghana’s manifesto to address housing deficits in Ghana. Finally, it will end on public and private interventions to addressing housing deficit in Ghana.

The session will be hosted by Mr. Evans Appiah Kissi, the regular host of the program and a doctoral researcher at the University of Kassel in Germany. The panel will comprise Dr. Lewis Abedi Asante, a lecturer at the Department of Real Estate Management at the Kumasi Technical University in Ghana. Dr. Asante is also a PhD holder from the Humboldt Universität Zu Berlin in Germany, and a graduate from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. The session will be live on Facebook, available on YouTube, Twitter, CEBSAR-AFRICA and AK Mensah’s social media platforms.

Dates and time: Saturday 13th March 2021 at 4pm GMT.

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