Virtual seminar on sustainable alternatives to irregular migration

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The Centre for Better Society Advocacy and Research Africa (CEBSAR-AFRICA) in collaboration with the Migrant Media Network (MMN) present a virtual seminar on Sustainable Alternatives to Irregular migration.

A landmark UN Migration 2019 Report shows that 93% of Africans that make the journey to European countries through irregular means, will consider repeating it, despite the life-threatening danger. What are the sustainable alternatives to irregular migration? Join us this Saturday on #CEBSAR_TALK, as we discuss one of world’s pressing issue! This live-streamed program will provide an avenue for diverse panelists with interest in migration issues, to share their perspectives on irregular migration and propose sustainable solutions to the migration crisis in African countries. It’s a full package for you out there on tips on alternatives and how to migrate well if you choose to do so.

The guest speakers will include Oboade James, a MMN local coordinator and former migrant; Ernest Nketiah and Evans Tindani Awuni, who are both MMN diaspora mentors; and Albert Kobina Mensah, founding president at CEBSAR-AFRICA. Discussions will include experiences as former migrants; current sustainable alternatives to migration such as applying for business grants from WIDU, applying for scholarships for further studies from institutions such as DAAD; and conditions for working in Europe or Germany such as applying for work visas. Evans will talk and introduce to audience about MMN program’s mission, current activities, and impacts and Albert will argue for sustainable artisanal mining as a possible panacea to curb or reduce irregular migration.

This is a free seminar and all are invited to join the discussion via zoom using the following details:

Meeting ID: 87240078204; Password: CFx1cW

Date: 28th August 2021

Time: 4pm – 6pm GMT

Welcome all!


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