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Graft and Corruption cases are rife in Africa. In Ghana for instance, corruption cases keep soaring to higher heights and evidential cases are seen and reported in the judiciary, the police service, public service, customs administration, public procurement, tax system, civil society, land administration and management of natural resources. Monies that could have been used for the greater good of the people are leached, misappropriated and stolen by few individuals at the top who are much entrusted with the nation’s resources. The result is a country with so much inequalities and gap between the rich and the poor; poor roads and infrastructure; deaths through road accidents on poor roads; women marginalisation and gender inequalities; abject poverty; schools in dilapidated buildings and under trees; school dropouts; children crossing rivers to school; street children; tropical diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS; water pollution and scarcity; energy crisis; natural resources degradation; poor health care and infrastructure; avoidable deaths on roads; among many negative others, which spread spatiotemporally across many societies in Ghana and Africa. This indeed cannot be described as a better society to live in. At Centre for Better Society Advocacy and Research Africa (CEBSAR-AFRICA), we believe that to be able to create a better society fair and just for individuals therein in Africa, the first thing to do is to block corruption and leakages of public funds from all available openings and the money used for the greater good of the people. To build better health care facilities, hospitals, schools, provide water facilities and adequate water, to solve and improve energy crises besetting Africa, create jobs, stop graduate’s unemployment, protect women and children, among others. And this, we intend achieving by targeting the younger generation coming – children, the young from primary school to the tertiary, imbibing in and educating them, through research and advocacy, the need to reject, block and say no to stealing anything that should belong to the masses, anything that is not theirs and be very patriotic and committed to seeing our nations become a better place for us people therein. A place that is fair and just for us individuals therein. A place where there is less inequality between the rich and the poor, a place where there is equity, a place where the water does not go off, a place where there is uninterrupted water flow and energy supply, a place where there is job for every single graduate and individual, a place where everyone is content and happy, and a place where, in the vision of the UN SDG, there is no or reduced poverty. We are targeting the young generation coming because we believe that these are people who will grow to become presidents, ministers, legislators, members of Parliament, working in institutions, professors, teachers, nurses, engineers, doctors, manning affairs of their respective countries. We believe that by so doing, they grow up to be different, working diligently for their nations and eschewing corruption and bribery in all their dealings and endeavours in their servitude to their nations. Our inspiration is drawn from the Bible in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”


A thoughtful research and evidence-based advocacy for social transformation by providing fundamental and better alternative sustainable options to the future of Africa’s democracy and governance; and ensuring a fair, just and better society for all individuals.


To be committed to rapid transformation towards a sustainable path of accountability and transparency where citizens are aware of their roles and responsibilities to help mitigate against the effects of ills in governance for a resilient and better society in Africa.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible answers.

Eric Owusu

Vice President

Peter Bismark Kwofie

Programs Director/Finance

Belinder Frenny Odek

Co-Programs Director/Finance

Bismark Kobina Ebo Yankson

Director of Education and School Outreach Programs

Evans Appiah Kissi

Director of Research

Ama Asabea Assenso-Onyinah

Public Relation Officer

Lord Adusei Aikins

Director of Research

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Policy Analyst and Research Fellow


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Research Fellow and Coordinator for Northern Region


Coordinator for Ashanti Region


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