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Graft and Corruption cases are rife in Africa. In most African countries, if not all, corruption cases keep soaring to higher heights and evidential cases are seen and reported in the judiciary, the police service, public service, customs administration, public procurement, tax system, civil society, land administration and management of natural resources. Monies that could have been used for development is misappropriated by a few individuals entrusted with the nation’s resources, who are mainly political appointees and their cronies.  The result is a country with so much inequalities and gap between the rich and the poor; poor roads and infrastructure; road accidents; women marginalization and gender inequalities; abject poverty; schools in dilapidated buildings and under trees; school dropouts; street children; prevalence of diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS; water pollution and scarcity; energy crisis; degradation of natural resources and poor healthcare policies.

At Centre for Better Society Advocacy and Research Africa (CEBSAR-Africa), we believe that in order to achieve a better society fair and just for all Africans, addressing the issue of corruption would be a major step towards creating the change we need. When we combat corruption, monies will be channeled to projects and their impacts maximized to improve service delivery and in turn improve living standards. We plan to achieve our goal by targeting senior High School, college and university students, and creating awareness on the detriments of corruption to the society. We are targeting the young generation because we believe that these are people who will grow to become presidents, ministers, legislators, members of Parliament, professors, teachers, nurses, engineers, doctors, manning affairs of their respective countries. Reaching out to them on campus ensure that we have quality leaders in future.


A thoughtful research and evidence-based advocacy for social transformation on corruption and providing alternative sustainable options to the future of Africa’s democracy and governance.


To be committed to rapid transformation towards a sustainable path of accountability and transparency where citizens are aware of their roles and responsibilities to help build resilient and better society in Africa.

Meet the team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible answers.

Eric Owusu

Vice President

Peter Bismark Kwofie

Director of organisational development and advocacy

Evans Appiah Kissi

Director of Research

Ama Asabea Assenso-Onyinah

Public Relation Officer

Mr. Samuel A. Ofoe

Director of Finance and Funding

Mr. Fiifi Fawoma Aubbin

Officer in charge of IT

Mr. Edmund Yeboah

Research fellow and technical officer of Cebsar-Talk

Mr. Haruna Gado Yakubu

Research fellow

Our Board

Dr. Enoch Antwi

Dr. Enoch Opoku Antwi is an Organizational Leadership expert, an author and consultant. He holds bachelors in Psychology from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Masters in Organizational Leadership from Mount St. Joseph University, USA, and Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University, USA. His published books include: Political Leadership and Followership in Africa, Leadership is Concept Heavy: A Case Against Fragmented Theories in Evolutionary and Contemporary Leadership, and Hands-on Teaching and Evidence-based Learning in Africa. He has presented at many international conferences both in the United States and abroad and won many leadership awards.

Dr. Antwi belongs to three professional organizations: The International Leadership Association (ILA), Association of Politics and Life Sciences (APLS), and the African Political and Economic Association (APEA). He was a media practitioner in Ghana; a sub-regional coordinator with the German Technical Cooperation (Volta-North), manager at PearsonVUE, and business department chair for two colleges in the past eight years in the United States. He is passionate in eliminating corruption in Africa; believes that leadership is too important to be left with leaders alone, and campaigns that education is part of every solution in Africa. Dr. Antwi is married with three kids and enjoys travels and watching football.

Dr. Ishmael Wireko

Dr. Ishmael Wireko holds BA in Political Science from the University of Ghana, MA in Political Science (Public Administration) from Brock University in Canada and PhD in Public Policy from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Dr. Wireko is married with one kid and is passionate about politics, development and health care policies in Africa.

Mr. Lord Adusei Aikins

Mr. Lord Aikins Adusei is International Development Policy expert with a focus on the interaction between development and security. He holds BSc. degree from KNUST, Ghana, MSc from Stockholm University and MSc from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. He is also an Associate of School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London


  • Reverend Joseph Gwynn
  • Mr. Anthony Zumoh-Baligi

Our Fellows

  • Ms. Christine Ansong
  • Mr. Isaac Owusu Afriyie

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