Albert is a Senior Research Fellow and Second Vice President of Institute of Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-GHANA), a policy Think Tank on liberty and free market in Ghana. He is also the founding president of Centre for Better Society Advocacy and Research Africa (CEBSAR-AFRICA), an anti-corruption think tank that focuses on research and advocacy on paradigm shifts and best-alternative options for creating a better society in Africa. He writes on social issues, need for good governance, leadership, and anti-corruption in Ghana. Albert is a soil remediation scientist by profession and his research interests include soil rehabilitation of degraded gold mined soils, environmental impacts of mining, soil potentially toxic elements, soil arsenic pollution, soil redox chemistry of arsenic contamination, biochar and compost for mine soil and tailings remediation, phytoremediation, environmental risk assessment. He had published and reviewed many scholarly scientific papers in these areas with citations in other scientific works. He had also lectured in Ghana and Germany in areas such as mining and water resources in Africa, environmental impact assessment and soil sciences. Albert holds BSc. (Agricultural Sciences) from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana; MSc. (Water Resources) from the Kenyatta University in Kenya and currently a PhD fellow at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.