Anti-corruption and Good Governance

Corruption is one major canker bedeviling the forward movement of this continent and for any nation to become successful, there is the need to wage a serious fight against it. Apart from few countries that score high points on the Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Index scorecard, most countries within the continent performance have been nothing but abysmal. Accountability and transparency are the two critical pillars of good governance and for that matter the fulcrum within which the development of every nation revolves. This department reviews governments’ policies across the continent aimed at ensuring the fight against corruption, good governance and transparency and accesses the effectiveness of these policies in addressing those issues and proffer constructive criticism and better alternatives in tackling these challenges to achieve a better society for all.

The department in partnership with other anti-corruption organizations, development agencies and NGOs also build the capacity of the citizens by educating them on their rights and responsibilities through various fora, workshop, conferences and seminars to demand from their appointing authorities, proper accountability and transparency.