Student’s perception on UEW SRC Corruption

A straw poll was conducted with the theme “what is your perception of corruption in UEW SRC?”  to determine student’s opinion on UEW SRC’s corruption status. Students were asked to share the link of the poll on their various platforms.

The poll: After the poll, a total number of 71 students voted. Out of this number, 66 voted “UEW SRC is corrupt” constituting 92.96%, 3 voted “UEW SRC is not corrupt” constituting 4.23% and 2 voted “Indifferent” constituting 2.82%.

The main platform: Charity they say begins at home, for this reason I begin with the very platform on which this poll was conducted (CEBSAR) though the link was supposed to be shared on various UEW platforms. As a new born Association on campus, “CEBSAR” has a total number of 78 participants on its platform with the hope of growing soon. Taking into consideration that, the link was not shared to any platform of UEW. Thus, if only participants of this platform “CEBSAR” voted. Out of 78 participants, only 65 voted. So, the remaining participants why no vote.

Sharing the link: although some participants of “CEBSAR” did their best in sharing the link to other platforms but others didn’t care. Voting of participants of other platforms cannot be guaranteed due to the minimal number of total vote casted.

Comment of members on other platforms: I shared the link on another platform, a participant of that platform commented and I quote “Corruption in UEW is same as that of her nation Ghana… Won’t waste time kraaa on this survey…”. I made him understand that being silent cannot solve the problem so we need to be awaken. With this experience, I’m obliged to believe that, others too had similar comments on various platforms.

With these findings I’m compelled to conclude that:

  1. UEW SRC is corrupt
  2. Students are aware of the corruption status of the SRC but have no care for how their monies are been used.
  3. students have no or minimal interest in the fight against corruption


Adams Seidu,