Building a better society with paradigm shifts and alternatives to seeing the societies in Ghana and Africa become better for the next generation coming will be the need for us not to continue with business as usual politics underpinned by thefts, stealing states resources, misappropriation of public funds, and politicians and leaders in Africa living luxuriously at the expense of the very down people who wallow in abject poverty and sadness. To achieve these, new crop of leaders will be needed, right and responsible followers will have to be created, and a breed of citizens conscientise to demand full accountability from leaders entrusted with public and state funds. The Centre for Education, which forms the bedrock of CEBSAR AFRICA, focuses on achieving these objectives, by educating and imbibing in students the sense of patriotism and the need to say no to anything in the form of stealing what belongs to the masses and reject corruption in all their dealings and endeavours as they grow to assume leadership positions in the future. This also aims at preparing students to become right and responsible followers of politics in Ghana and Africa. It also targets and prepare students become judicious users of public funds and in student leadership and beyond. The department focuses on clubs and chapters at various schools – primary, senior high schools, and universities in Ghana and Africa. Public lectures, workshops and conferences at school branches and chapters are used to achieve these objectives. It seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • to expose students to the trends and cases of corruption in Ghana and Africa;

  • to expose students on the causes and effects of corruption in Ghana and Africa;

  • equip and educate students on the need for paradigm shifts to creating better society in Ghana and Africa.