Audit the Ghana @60 Committee

We hope that, Ghanaians are not oblivious of the environment neither are they enveloped with short memories.

Last year, the president with some alacrity inaugurated Ghana@60 committee with a whooping sum of GH20 Million or equivalent of $5million to enhance their celebration. A chairman was appointed whom the president tasked with some members to make sure some cultural monuments are renovated to boost tourism and see to the construction of E-libraries in various communities in the country.

However, we are about celebrating Ghana at 61 but nobody has told the good people of Ghana how Gh@60 expended the whooping sum given to the committee. Is the said committee still instrumental at the celebration of this year’s anniversary or they are defunct?

The Auditor-General has audited some institutions in this country but we are not sure whether they have exhibited any intention to audit Ghana at 60 committee but if they were able to do same, then it will be prudent they publish it to enable us make informed decision as to how our money was used. We have seen others go to jail recently for causing financial loss to the state and we ought not gloss over what happened at Gh@60.

We demand transparency and accountable governance from the appointing authorities as Ghanaians deserve better as the money is a public fund and we ought to know how it was utilised. The policy objective of the government is to protect the public purse but can we say same here without any accounts being rendered? We beg to differ. Mr Ken Amankwah and his members ought to come clean like snow.

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Albert Kobina Mensah


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Eric Owusu


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Make Bachelor’s Degree the Minimum Requirement for Both Presidential and Parliamentary Aspirants and Cancel the Payment of Ex-Gratia to Members of Parliaments and Ministers

Per our laws one can only become a president or a member of parliament by being of sound mind and at the age of 21 and above for member of parliament and 40 and above for president. There is a total silence on literacy requirement for presidential and parliamentary aspirants.

We at CEBSAR-AFRICA see a serious problem with this provision within our constitution as it does not speak well of how serious the work of a president or an MP is.

Parliamentarians are to debate and pass proper laws for the country, scrutinize and ratify international treaties and agreement. The rigorous nature of this work cannot be left at hands of illiterates and this calls for quick amendment to our laws to maintain the dignity and the seriousness that ought to go with our presidency and parliament.  As it stands now if care is not taken, we may end up having and illiterate president and illiterates members of parliament one day which will definitely be a major setback for this country and we must take quick measures to prevent this from happening. It is against this backdrop that we at CEBSAR-AFRICA call for Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as minimum qualification for both presidential and parliamentary aspirants.

We are also calling for equity and fairness in our payment structure by asking for the cancellation of ex-gratia and gratuities to former holders of Article 71. The executive and the legislature can contribute a percentage of their salaries to any fund manager toward the expiration of their tenure in office like all other civil servants do for their retirement. There are countless number of Ghanaians, over 6.4 million people, who are living in abject poverty with scores of street children, children crossing rivers and walking several kilometers to school, and schools under dilapidated structures and trees. Our roads are in bad conditions, with scores of road accidents killing people in Ghana, poor health care facilities and filth engulfing our cities and evidential cases of children dying from malaria and other tropical deadly diseases. We continue to borrow to fund most of our budgets and projects as it stands now.

This system is unfair and does not guarantee equity, justice and fair distribution of the national cake. No one retires more than twice in his or her lifetime. The payment of these ex-gratia should be scrapped with immediate effect and the money used for the greater good of all Ghanaian citizens and get our problems fixed here. We also see the system whereby the executive determines the salary of the legislature and vice versa as very unfortunate and funny and call for immediate stoppage of this arrangement as it betrays the principles of good governance, probity and accountability. The independent fair wages and salary commission must be given this mandate to ensure proper credibility in this payment structure.

Eric Owusu

Vice President- CEBSAR- AFRICA

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Ama Asabea Assenso Onyinah

Public Relation Officer- CEBSAR-AFRICA

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